Her ‘Afar”

Somewhere afar sometime before

She lived a life in her dream.

All she woke up was to sky, trees and birds.

No one around that she knew for sure,

Days rolled between sips of coffee and food for soul.

Grass, rain, soil, Music, Memories, smiles and tears

A mixed cup of all she loved

Years passed by seeking self;

Months passed by self-taught lessons;

Weeks passed by content cultivation;

Days passed by curious search;

Minutes passed by just being;

Seconds passed by happy sighs!

A loner. Solitary bird. An introvert liked by many.

Nothing forced; nothing wasted.

Her memories had moments of worth.

No one knows what she did,

Nor did she, because she only dreamt!

Dreams are beautiful but a painful course.

For freedom of imagination merges with a dash of uncertainty.

Is the dream a game to escape through or

an honest spread of emotions?

If at all she reached that afar and lived her dreams,

She may love to come back to reality

or even dream so!

When a dream becomes reality, then

what becomes dream?!



Peace of Mind..

The proprietor of a coffee shop had been busy all day. Being Saturday, it was very crowded and the customers were just unending. He had been on his toes since morning. Towards the evening he felt a splitting headache surfacing. As the clock ticked away, his headache worsened. Unable to bear it, he stepped out of the shop leaving his staff to look after the sales. 

He walked across the street to the Chemist, to buy himself a painkiller to relieve his headache. He swallowed the pill and felt relieved. He knew that in a few minutes he would feel better.

As he strolled out of the shop, he casually asked the salesgirl, “Where is the Chemist? He’s not at the cash counter today!” The girl replied, “Sir, he had a splitting headache and said he was going across to the coffee shop. He said a cup of hot coffee would relieve him of his headache.”

The man’s mouth went dry and he mumbled, “Oh! I see.” 

This is a typical case of looking outside ourselves for something that we have within us. How strange but true! The chemist relieves his headache by drinking coffee and the coffee shop owner finds relief in a pain relieving pill! 

A man hunts across the lengths and breadths of the universe to find peace. Eventually he finds it in his heart and realizes that peace is really a state of mind. He undertakes many a pilgrimage to find God. Eventually he realizes that God is the in- dweller of the heart.

Happy New Year 2018!

When I started using a pen in my high school, and every time I made a mistake, I would try hard to erase it with an eraser before submitting to my teacher.
Sometimes, I used chalk to clean my mistake but it later re-appeared.
So I began to use a little saliva (yeah I know it sounds dirty), it worked, but only to leave holes in my books.
My teachers then used to scold me for being outrageously dirty because my notebooks had holes and pages covered in chalk powder. But all I tried to do was to cover my error.
One day, a teacher who I adored the most and she too loved me so much, called me aside and she said, ” Anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on” .
She said further ” Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book to nothing. I told her in protest that I don’t want people to see my mistakes”.
My loving teacher laughed and said ” Trying to erase your mistake will only make it more visible to people about your mess and the stigma is for life”.
Have you made some mistakes in life? Cross it over and move on.
Don’t expose yourself as a result of trying to cover your mistakes. Better things are ahead of you.
Strike out your 2017 mistakes and move into 2018 with a fresh note.
image 2

The sky is grey today and so are the shades of my life; or is there anything more beyond the grey? Or maybe there is just a black and white. I wonder what mystery beholds beyond the world of grey that I am surrounded by.  Soon it started raining and I could feel it pounding my face. Rain and tears mingle on my face, salty tracks blending into the fresh sky-fallen trickles. Only the pinkness in my eyes gives a clue to my pain.

There is a vast expanse between us that even though bound by matrimony is not good enough to bind us together. Time has passed by dragging us in between day and months. You are at an arms space from me, but you only seem to be widening the distance from me because I am not your choice? Don’t you wish to walk with me hand in hand just I chose you. You are the ray of hope that I cling upon. I left my bygones that were bruised and tattered; don’t I deserve a chance again? Then why do you forsake me? Will my heart withstand the burden of this pain? The cold rain pierces my pale wet skin. Will it ever glow in love; ‘in your love’? I stood there motionless unperturbed by the heavy downpour that sounded like the sky grumbling for reasons unknown.

The sound of emptiness was disrupted by your footsteps closing in towards me. I stood  weakened by the weight of soaked clothes. The harsh rain now obliterated the crystal reflection of the sky and turned it into a disoriented chaos. You moved closer towards me looking straight into my eyes which were now heavy, laden with the rain striking my face. My feet wouldn’t move, though my mind kept telling me to move away from your sight. You stood there drenched and motion-less, a look on your face that never could tell what was running through your mind.

Beginning to turn away from you, I realized you weren’t running for cover. I turned only to be stopped by your voice saying “wait”. I could see your lips curving into the most beautiful smile. This was ‘providence’; my prayers were answered.

Holding my hands and bringing me closer to you, you gently whispered into my ears, “I love you”. Those drops striking our faces weren’t just magical but divine. Each one seemed to be wiping away my pains, anxieties, questions. Moving in closer for the first time our lips were locked together – the world ceased to exist, blurred and indistinct as a wet painting left out in the torrent. When we pulled back, the sparkle in your eyes were like every fantasy I’d ever had of you.

The kiss, the look, a stolen moment that could have just washed away but instead was now set, color-fast and indelible. Though there was no rainbow to paint the sky after he relentless pouring, my life now definitely has more of the colorful shades than just the black and white or the “in between”.


208 Seconds that make or break!

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I recently watched the movie Sully. Released September 2016.

sully-poster-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNE839hEJA37f0f6ZmXi9ZAWi25W7Nub8j1Prn7rV3NI    sully-4-1024x683

It is the story of a real life pilot who landed a plane on Hudson river after twin engine failure with all passengers surviving, and yet faces an enquiry committee that is almost determined to pin him down on count of ‘wrong judgement’. In a brilliant portrayal of what the captain and the co-pilot go through before the hearing, both decide to go for a jog in a cold winter night at a still-busy Times Square. And in a moment of profound realization during that jog, the captain (played by Tom Hanks), says something to the co-pilot, that stayed in my mind:

” Over 40 years in the air, but in the end I am going to be judged on 208 seconds”

That was the time it took for the plane to land on the river.

We all have that 208 seconds, that everything about us gets judged on, irrespective of and despite anything we may have done otherwise. It could be that one “no” you said to someone, despite having said a hundred “yes”. It could be that one occasion you slipped on something despite having done something well most other times. It could be that one person you don’t get along with despite having a rapport with so many others. It could be that one phase you couldn’t quite keep up despite being present most other times.

208 seconds is the metaphor for that one behavior, trait or worse just one incident which overrides everything else the person does or is, in deciding the judgement people have of that person.

In cognitive science, these come under the gamut of Halo or Horns effects. That you are blinded by some good or bad aspect of a person that you overlook any negative in the ‘haloed’ person and ignore any good quality in the person with ‘horns’. I was watching some video which said that apparently human mind remembers a negative experience with a person much more than a positive experience. This could be why people are cautious (sometimes to the extent of lunacy) in saying or doing something unpleasant, even if that might be necessary. “Why get into anybody’s bad books?” “People need to say good things about you”.

I think somewhere the focus shifted to being “seen as right” rather than actually doing the right thing.

While I don’t have any studies to quote (maybe there are few out there), but most subconscious hard-wiring of humans usually pertain to safety: physical in stone age and psychological in today’s times. Is it possible that we are tuned to remembering bad experiences much more than good experiences so that we can “steer clear” of a repetition next time, thereby keeping us safe physically and psychologically?

Stay away from this person in office, he is usually too blunt; or let us not risk this project for this person, she didn’t do well last time. Or like in the movie, it appeared that the committee was almost scared to admit that a pilot’s judgement in such a critical juncture was more reliable than machine simulations – after all, you can predict results with machines, but how do you do that with humans?

So all these signals from our brains, to stay away from people and situations, keeps us safe, but in a primitive sort of way. Unfortunately, they also keep us away from life’s best gifts.

Would you lose a friend who was with you in the worst and best of times, just because you hit one rough patch; just because that phase was unpleasant you will give up on the very amazing times you can spend together when things are better? Would you lose an employee who has one quality at loggerheads with the organization, but many others that contribute so much?

I don’t know if we can stop anyone else from judging us by our 208 seconds. But we can change things by changing the way we judge others.

Next time we write-off someone, maybe can we pause and ask ourselves these questions..

  1. What about this bothers me so much?
  2. Is it really that big an issue, or am I exaggerating it in my mind?
  3. What are “bests” of that person, and are they far more than this one quality, which is overwhelming me at this point in time?
  4. Am I also fallible to the same fault? So can I forgive the other person?
  5. Am I unable to distinguish between what the person “did” and who the person “is”?

It appears to me that the universe wanted all of its creation to survive and therefore we have these in-built “safety” rules that help us play it “safe”. But the universe has also reserved prized treasures for those who can go beyond these “safe zone” and risk breaking hard-wired patterns of thinking. Treasures of great adventure, real trust, true friendship and boundless happiness.

The choice is clear. I can stay safe from hurt. Or I can risk getting hurt to get something much deeper – a true, though sometimes eccentric soul-mate, a creative – though sometimes maverick employee, a solid – though sometimes irritating friend.

Choice is ours. 208 seconds can get us a safe water-landing.

To fly, we need to go beyond.