About Anu


Hi, lets get to know me. Meet me, Anu Thompson, by profession a people person (HR), love window shopping, singing and listening to music, an avid reader by choice and a foodie to accompany my better half and partner in crime Thompson. I must not leave out that I am a die hard fan of Nivin Pauly (a malayalam movie actor).My most precious bundle of joy, my son Keith reminds me of how beautiful life has been since his arrival. He inspires me to look for happiness in small things and that’s why I decided to start writing rather than just scribbling down. With Keith around me every little moment brings about an ounce of joy and happiness that I look forward too, be it his grinning smile when he’s up to some prank, or that twinkle in his eyes when he’s happy to receive a new toy or a bar of chocolate or his little babyish talk asking for something. So welcome to my Blog, “My Little Pursuits of HappYness”.

This is a blog i started to pen down/ share all the moments that have made me happy, the times, people, places, events etc. I have had this compulsive urge to just list down things or rather people who have made me happy in my day at work or home or rather anywhere. Sometimes I just need to scribble it down somewhere, a free ticket , loyalty points, a surprise dinner or movie, or just a little peck from Keith, a little pampering for myself, some time spent alone..Yes I do it, some favourite, some certainly not and some I just can’t figure out whether I should write them down or no. I also have this urge to make lists which I developed sometime during my college days and I am glad it definitely helps me, though at times my lists are too long.

Today I am happy that finally, I started writing my blog which has been on my list for quite long. Oh..! That reminds me, I tend to write a lot, like long emails, letters and the same could follow with my blogs. So please do bear with me.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my blog. Happy Reading !