Her past was like shattered mirror, that had innumerable cracks; but it stood there intact displaying a strong woman that she was, broken at heart and clear at mind; who was otherwise vulnerable. 

I admired her for the way she carried herself – calm, serene, bold, elegant and beautiful in a way and in the simplest of attires that I fell head over heels for her much to her obliviousness.

I encountered ‘n’ number of situations just to look at her, watch her talk, teach, laugh, read and smile, but never did I imagine what lay behind the smile much to the dismay of understanding what lay in store.

I one day mustered the courage, walked up to her and spoke of what was in my heart and she walked away in much shock only to be drawn back into a cocoon, scared and ready to crumble as if love were a nightmare for her.

Unable to understand the reason for her absence, I learnt of her bitter shaken past to realize that I had stepped into a zone that she had recoiled away from, as the smile she carried and cheerfulness was only to put back her past, but never had the courage to let anyone pass through those doors closed to her aching heart.


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