Trust your Senses.. Part 2

I had put up a post on similar lines a few months ago. Compiled a few more as and when something struck my mind or came across it. 

The first post is  here. Hope you all like this one as well.

  1. Everyone have Two Eyes … But No one has the Same View
  2. The most important quality of successful people is their willingness to change
  3. Human beings are very strange. They have ego of their knowledge but, they don’t have knowledge of their ego.
  4. People who judge do not matter. People who matter do not judge.
  5. Alphabet “O” stands for Opportunity which is absent in “Yesterday”, Available only once in “Today” And thrice in “Tomorrow”.
  6. Pain is Unavoidable but, Suffering is Optional..
  7. Never ignore a person who loves and cares for you, because one day you may realize that you’ve lost the moon while counting the stars.
  8. Sometimes life doesn’t give you something you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more.
  9. If the Road is Beautiful then worry About the Destination, but if the Destination is Beautiful, Then Don’t Worry About The Road!
  10. Only messages are not life, but… Our life should be a message to others.





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