A One Liner..


“When children of parents of many religions could give birth in the same hospital without any demarcation on any grounds then, why do humans need different burial/ cremation grounds based on caste/creed and religion after death..?”

What happens in between..???

Your views please….


26 thoughts on “A One Liner..

  1. because people just want discrimination .they are used to it .. everybody will belong to the same soil at the end .. still they want to be separated .. even after death. how crazy and meaningless ..

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  2. The best is offered for the newbies to welcome them to the new world..the lifeless body actually doesn’t care at all whatever you do for its cremation..so let the crazy people do whatever they want..๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Its a very great topic that you left for readers to debate. On but in our country there are people who has there agenda of creating these differences they succeed in do this cause maybe there man power and money power.

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