Movie review: Bahubali – The Conclusion



The tsunami of Bahubali movie franchise has swept the box office across the world again! We all liked the story, direction, visual effects and yes, at the end victory of the hero! It’s a well-knit story of emotions, ethics, action, love and joy of victory of truth.

Bahubali was different is so many ways or rather many ways…not. The day I heard of Bahubali releasing on 28th April, I had decided that this movie would be only on the big screen (I saw Bahubali 1 at home on TV 😦 ). But I guess everything doesn’t happen as per our desires..we had guests so that made me wait followed by houseful bookings which made it even more a waiting period and finally we got tickets for 2 weeks after the release date. Initially it was planned that my in-laws would go for the matinee show and we go for the next while they babysit my toddler, however we all went together and came out with a great movie experience and some very sticky ice cream stains and sticky hands (all thanks to my son for having spilled his ice cream in the dark) 🙂 and yea we came chanting out ‘Bali bali bali bali.. Bahubali’.

This movie definitely deserves a review, though am sure many of us have already given. I still felt I really need to write one.

Spoiler alerts

 The movie is magnanimous in every aspect. The CGI effects, sound quality and the crowd going crazy on Prabhas’s entry were just unbelievable (Rana people envied you for your super-hot body so don’t feel left out). This movie very much reminded me of the Triology – Lord of The Rings, and when I pointed out a few similarities between the two movies especially parts of the warfare and the action sequences my husband very plainly said, “I haven’t watched”. I was utter shocked and rather amused when he said so. I loved the LOTR series.

Bahubali has a fantastic story, set in ancient India it revolves around the story of Shivudu (fondly called Shiva) who scales the waterfalls even after repeatedly been reprimanded by his mother. He follows his instinct to find another land and the yea in search of this beauty that dropped off her face mask in those huge waterfalls. And then the usual part where they both romance around some trees and sing a song and finally get on to the mission to be accomplished after learning about a whole lot of past life and why he has to avenge the death of his father.

The second part of the story revolves around how Devasena is saved from the oppression of Bhalaladeva who keeps her imprisoned. The return of Mahendra Bahubali to save the kingdom of Mahishmati from the reigns of the king Bhalaladeva. The plot is very well pictured on the uprising led by Kattappa and Bahubali and their war on good over evil.

The performances are simply stellar.

  • Prabhas – you indeed are a Bahubali. The vigor and enthusiasm in your performances have left people spell bound. And yea girls have fallen for that mischievous smile.
  • Rana Daggupati – oh.. you definitely make a handsome hulk.. and yea I guess you will be written down in history as the hottest mythological villain with those mean looks and the rage you created.. I so wished that you could have been the good guy
  • Anushka Shetty – not a great fan of her, but this time she’s impressed me both with beauty and performance. Her poise and elegance in carrying the role of Devasena has been given due justice
  • Sathya Raj – “Kattappa” oh you are the old wise man. You even left the prime minister asking why did you kill Bahubali?
  • Shivagami – Rajamouli made the right choice in casting you for the role of Rajmata as Mashishmati’s powerful and respected queen in the movie.

Some very appreciable nuances that I have observed:

  • The X Factor – The first episode of the movie ended with inclusion. Rajamouli chose to take the risk of keeping the audience guessing or rather waiting by creating the X Factor “Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?” Inconclusive end in a movie wasn’t a usual feat the audience is used to, but the power of the story kept the audience glued till the next episode and the record box office revenue endorses the risk of having a X factor.
  • Quality – In the first week of its trailer release Bahubali garnered 350Mn plus views. So you can now imagine the brand value it has created. It’s also known to have taken the longest time to make a movie. This has led to great business and very important great customer experience.
  • Wanna change the rules of the game? – We in the millennial era aren’t used to the historical era. But this movie has taken you back to that generation by deploying the state of the art visual effects and the Sanskrit scripts in the background music and which have uplifted the whole historical era in a rather swift and convincing manner. Want this a perfect turf to showcase your skills and play your game your way?
  • Technology – The technology has played a pivotal role in making the movie a success. Apart from use of best in class technology for visual effects, live 360 coverage of pre-launch event is an epic example of right use of technology for right business purpose!
  • The team – All the characters of Bahubali were just simple stars in their respective domains until Bahubali happened. This was Right Choice of Right People for the Right Thing (too many rights..). Together they have made history and are today enjoying super stardom in the glory of an epic movie which would be spoken about for atleast a decade or even more than that by some generous folks.

So to all my fellow bloggers, though Bahubali has crossed 1000 Crores you may still go ahead and generously donate some more in this kitty as this is definitely a worth watch.

Jai Mahishmati!



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