Happy Mothers’s Day

This poem is written by my friend Usha Vikas. Currently Usha is settled in Chile with her spouse and a lovely little girl.

Usha and my-self became friends around 4 years ago as were residing in the same society. Being a mommy, wife, daughter, she loves to pursue her passion of classical dancing, painting and few more activities. And in addition I have seen her writing skills too and I so wish she does start writing too. Wishing you luck and good health always. And yea I miss you.

The poem is self-explanatory. Please do read and enjoy.

“Dedicated to all the lifelines who brought me back to life..My daughter, father, Vikas Iyer, Gowri Iyer, Janani K Parthasarathy, Kannan Iyer. Maithili Raja Balasubramanian Raja Parthasarathy Veeravalli Deepti Praveen Pradeep Raja. The list continues. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Thank you!”

To my mother in heaven,

Years have passed, eleven.

You were so strong,

I wish you had lived long.

I had to cope

And live with hope.

I was sixteen,

I had not foreseen.

I was sad,

The world seemed mad.

I was confused,

The world was amused.

I wish I had you,

To say I love you.

I had lost trust,

I couldn’t adjust.

I wish I had died,

But, I cried.

I was lost,

When a thought crossed.

I remembered what you had taught,

So I fought..

Oh Mother!

You didn’t let me bother. 

Today, I’m smarter,

Just like my Mother.

I miss my mother.

But, I have another.

She is my in law,

Full of awe.

I have a prayer,

God please take care of her.

Coz I have lost one,

And I’m done. 

I don’t know where to end,

As I have found a new friend.

For people from the past,

Memories are fading fast.

All I want to remember,

Is my mother full of splendor.

This can go on,

Like the sound of a gong.

Thoughts running fast,

As I have burnt my past.

All I have to say,

In the month of May,

Live your life,

Like a happy wife. 

Enjoy your way,

As it’s mothers day!



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