What say…???

” Leadership is only ACCEPTABLE when it is Vulnerable..!”



19 thoughts on “What say…???

      • Ok then let me put it this way.. Why shouldn’t a leader be vulnerable? Because he/she will be treated or perceived to be submissive or weak? Or is it that a leader is gonna expose his weakness? Well in today’s world, showing vulnerability is treated as a strength.
        A leader who is vulnerable helps connect with employees better and authentically. It gives the leader the courage in being himself and not what he/she portrays to be. Vulnerability helps leaders be open to risks, uncertainties and even emotional challenges. It also greatly helps them in forgiving people and making room for encouragement.

        This is my view. Do share yours if you differ.


      • Yes ofcourse I agree with you on that but most often leaders are found to conceal their vulnerabilities under the bravado and vulnerability is a rare trait for them to carry. And not that I disagree with you but I believe under some sort of fear, employees are more likely to obey you and never take you lightly, whereas if you appear as someone vulnerable, they may take advantage of that and not take you with as much seriousness.

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      • This certainly happens in today’s corporate and not the corporate world.. but if you were to take a closer look.. how many of these so called Leaders are successful..though they may hold all those fancy designations, they are empty within.


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