Two PROCESSIONS of the same person but with two different RESPONSES.

One was a triumphant ENTRY into Jerusalem City; the other a painful EXIT outside Jerusalem city.

In the first, the DONKEY carried Jesus; in the second Jesus carried the CROSS.

In the first HOSANNA was the exclamation; in the second CRUCIFY was the cry.

In the first people held BRANCHES of the tree; in the second Jesus held WOOD of the tree.

In the first people’s garments were SPREAD on the road; in the second Jesus’ garments were DIVIDED among the four.

In the first the disciples ACCOMPANIED Jesus; in the second the disciples FLED from Jesus.

Life has Sunshine as well as Dark nights. Rainbows as well as Thunderstorms.

Happiness is TEMPORARY. Sadness is TRANSITORY

A Kite cannot FLY all the time above in the clouds; it has to LIE down to the ground.

Both PALM SUNDAY and FOOD FRIDAY were needed to arrive at EASTER SUNDAY.

Wishing everyone a blessed Holy Week!!


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