The Humility of a Teacher


It is often said, “In the presence of sunlight you don’t see the stars.. and in the absence of sunlight you discover stars.” Each time I gaze into the open sky I see a brand new pattern, new shades of colours painted into the sky every hour – it speaks of a Master, up there in heaven, Who is busy making all things new. I believe He is certainly working 24×7 on each and every one of his creations making it new – as if it were his only creation. Each and every moment, chiseling out a master piece out of every piece.

Interestingly, Mother Nature too bows down in obeisance to His Holy will. Lending herself to be renewed, growing as she is planted and glorifying her maker in every situation. Can we say the same thing about ourselves – gifted with a free will are we ready to bow down and relent to the Master’s will freely? Mother Teresa’s journey from the little Agnes that she was to Saint Teresa that she is, has evolved as a result of her complete faith in her Master.

Every teacher dreams of having a class full of obedient students; exhibiting complete faith in her; perfectionists who can do it right, all at one go. “Do as I command and you are on the right track.” But students are looking for role models – people whom they can emulate. Doesn’t the teacher have to do a little bit of homework before every class, upgrade her knowledge perhaps on her subject? Doesn’t the teacher need to empathize with and attend to every child’s need for attention and appreciation? Doesn’t the teacher need to display high moral values in the way she conducts herself with her students and fellow teachers? Students spend most of their waking and working hours with teachers and therefore a teacher’s influence on the child’s mind can be far-reaching. A teacher has the power to steer the ship in the right direction, notice wreckage, a breakage, that little wear and tear in the emotional fabric of the child’s life which is being woven day by day.

Today the role of a teacher is not that of an information provider – the students are already flooded with a lot of that. We need to bring about a balance – collaborate with our Maker, who has given us this special calling – to facilitate positive learning among children. To understand them before making ourselves understood. To give them love, respect and dignity before we expect it from them. To unlearn what we have learned and discover new perspectives.


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