Movie Review: Hachi – A Dog’s Tale


I like animals, even pets for that matter; however I have no kinship towards raising a pet dog or cat or any animal. I prefer watching them wag their tails, nudge, sniff and do those little acts of love and affection as they walk with their masters or rather I would address them as their family members. My tutor very elatedly talks about how loyal dogs are. That’s what sparked my interest in watching Hachi – A Dog’s Tale.

The movie is a true story based in Japan in the year 1930. The movie was released in 2009 and the lead role is played by Richard Gere.The movie Hachi talks about a professor who finds an abandoned dog on a snowy night and takes him home much to the dismay of his wife. Unable to locate the original owner Hachi stays with the professor and over a period of time, they form an unbreakable bond.

This movie definitely deserves a review though I did not watch it on a big screen (theatre). I watched this movie just once in the midst of putting my toddler to sleep to cutting vegetables and answering some pathetic sales phone-calls. So I had the benefit of putting it on pause and then playing it from where I stopped.

Spoiler Alerts

  • Keep a box/ pack of tissues with you if you wanna watch this movie 😦
  • You may not enjoy your popcorns or nachos while watching this movie 😦
  • Pet lovers who have pets may not watch movies like this again (my tutor was pained after watching this movie)
  • The main character dies and this is tear-jerking. Hachi is unable to process the notion that his master will not return. The unrelenting wait for 10 years, progressively more broken in body, he stands vigil at the station, his fidelity inspiring newspaper celebrity and subsequent donations for his care. This is a story of great love and respect between a college professor and a puppy that got abandoned at a train station. A very gentle movie that keeps you engaged as the story unfurls a man with a kind loving heart, a heroic dog and a very sublime setting. The engagement intensifies emotions, which take the story as it develops through the years to a bitter-sweet conclusion. A must watch.

The performances are exemplary:

  • Parker Wilson – rendered the role of an ideal father to the loving pup
  • Chico, Layla and Forrest (who play the role of Hachi) – damn cute and loving dogs, perfectly epitomized the three roles
  • The serene setting of a professor who travels by train to work and a devoted dog who passionately waits for his masters return every single day
  • Definitely worth watching

So to all the movie lovers, you could still generously watch this movie by purchasing a DVD copy or download it (hope torrent supports :). The theme of time passing and never forgetting the one you loved is most likely to resonate with all viewers. Even so, Hachi’s soundless agony and dignity will move all but the hardest hearts.



10 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hachi – A Dog’s Tale

  1. I am an animal lover too and very fond of dogs. I happen to watch this movie sometime back and guess it is the best animal story i have ever watched.


  2. Many people have recommended me to watch this film, haven’t till date. Kept it to download finally just now, should be done in some time. Will finally watch it…today hopefully. Will surely write about it on my blog too. Richard Gere is talented, so having him in the movie, I can only imagine how good it will be.


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