A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart


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To begin something new is always amazing! A lot of expectations, dreams surely compel you to take the chances to grab all of them and give it a start. And this is exactly what I feel seeing my little toddler go to preschool. Choosing a preschool, having established my faith in the school and its staff, it now started making me think how do I make it the perfect first day!

I never thought, showing a few yellow buses would actually encourage a child to look forward to going to school with such enthusiasm and joy.  Cars are a constant company for my son in all his playtime. He won’t part with them easily and but today he gladly stands to get dressed to go to school obviously quite conscious of the fact that he will come n play with them again. A few rhymes that he had memorized, his unending questions on schools and teachers, learning songs, dancing etc seemed to be a good preparation for the big day ahead – and definitely good signs that my little munchkin is quite ready for his preschool debut. However will the excited anticipation translate into a smooth, stress-free  transition on day one? May be – or may be not!

Anxiety is on my side, however my son is quite confident. He’s up early on the big day and very co-operatively gets dressed to face the day. We arrive a little early to be greeted by a handful bunch of young pretty teachers who held his hands and took him straight in. No byes, see you’s or kisses… straight in.

Now the real action starts… I turn around to move away from the gate and I see few more kids coming in. Well its wasn’t easy with them, a few red cheeks and lots of tears in the reserve the moment they were picked up and taken in.. and parents turned around to leave. Awww… difficult time indeed. I guess tears are a universal phenomenon around the globe and probably every kid cries during the first day at school. And whenever a situation arrives that’s alien to them, there they press the panic button.

It wasn’t easy with me going to school. My mother still narrates how I ran after her after she dropped me off at the classroom only to see my teacher puffing and panting trying to catch up speed with me. And that ordeal wasn’t just limited to a day but rather an entire month where I a sat in class with constant eyes fixed on me to make sure I didn’t run out. The only time I smiled was when it was time for some fun time and definitely when I had my rickshaw uncle come to pick me. Freedom at last is what I felt!

We patiently waited out until it was time to collect him back and it was amusing to see him have a meltdown after having spent a good time only to realize he hasn’t cried like the others and so he too should join the bandwagon in crying. When we asked him why did he cry, in his most charismatic tone he replied, “ellarkum karanju, Keithum karayum”(i.e. everybody is crying. I will also cry). The first day at preschool was a milestone achievement. Transition was smooth and now the challenge is to keep the momentum going. So every new day starts with a little bit of tantrums, loads of love, hugs and kisses, a prayerful departure and no crying.

In this journey of schooling there is a lot of take back that I see in my child. He’s exposed to new children, sounds, playing techniques, making friends and lots more. It is strengthening his socializing skills, to respect others, play with others and making him do things by himself. I now see a little explorer, an  experimenter in him and loads of baby talking. Oh my… his questions never end..!!


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