Into Our Lives A Little Rain Must Fall

I don’t know what a typical desert looks like however at 39.2 degrees out in the sun, it’s terribly hot. The sun is at its peak, brilliant amber and I would dare not look at it. I could see the heat waves modulating off the pavement.  Summer crept across the plant area igniting weeds and grasses that were once lush green. The leaves of the trees facing the wrath of the summer heat were burnt leaving behind only dry corpses. Crows, mynahs and the singing cuckoo took refuge in the big tamarind trees to keep away from the summer heat.

The sweltering summer heat beat upon my back relentlessly as I walk towards the cafeteria, forcing beads of sweat rolling down my back. I realize the heat is so good that I could even try frying an egg on the bonnet of a car parked close by. But the best was in store. A good sixty minutes later, there was a change. The sun gods who shone brightly now seemed to having a tough time with the winds dodging the sun behind some big rain clouds. Very soon the sun was blanketed by a dark black layer of rain clouds.

I stood in awe admiring the works of God. Thunder! Yes the sound of thunder made by heart jump with joy because it just didn’t thunder for no reason. Hey hold on! I definitely did not think of dancing around to some Bollywood track.

It started pouring, big droplets of rain impinged upon the earth – a sound that is so nostalgic. I walked out at the reception to hear the rain pattering the rooftops of the nearby structure. The dried weeds and tall grasses weighed down by the force of the rain. The leaves of the trees seemed to be dancing in the rain enveloped by the lovely breeze. The earth was at its richest tone having bathed in the rain, a hue that would put anyone in mind of some gardening. Going back to my work area I stood by the window watching the rain drops. But there was some laziness about them, as if they can barely be bothered to conform to the will of gravity. I could see droplets splatter on the window. They were large, round but soft and I watched the remnants of the drops run downwards like tiny rivers. With half a smile I retreat back to my place, sitting on my chair living the moment and reliving some good old memories.

The temperature cooled the earth and very benevolently its beautiful fragrance spread across. It was like an invitation I needed to dive in, swim deeply into the welcoming blackness and leave my troubles bobbing in the boat above. These unpredicted showers are a blessing indeed, an unexpected gift of rain. The streets are generously washed away with mud and a few birds fluttering with joy in the sky. The weather is awesome – a perfect evening for the romantic and the not so romantic!

There is an outline still up there of the dark black clouds as they continue to dominate the sky for the rest of the evening.  As I walk back home, my eyes stay on my feet. Across the street there are puddles of water and my muscles yearn to hop, skip and splash into them. It was such a novelty that I find myself treating my friend to some good lip smacking fast food and taking some back home for my better half. The same weather continued for a day till we returned to the dry heat that is so customary at this time of the year.


2 thoughts on “Into Our Lives A Little Rain Must Fall

  1. Loved reading your posts and the narration that is beyond awesome.
    Indeed we all expect rains of different realistic or materialist things in our lives. Keep writing and look forward to read such more.


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